Tuesday, October 23, 2012

But first...

I apparently have no aptitude for blogging. I began almost 10 months ago, posted 3 times and then... well, then I forgot. I'd love to have a reason. Something important, something dramatic. Truth is, I simply forgot. And when I did remember, there was always something else that needed to be done first. The But First Syndrome on a longer scale than the usual day variety. And there it is, the topic of today's missive.
But First.
You must have had one of those days. You have an idea of what you want to get accomplished, a vague list or even an official written out To-Do list. The problem is that to begin one of the things on the list you find that first you have to fix that, or change those. And you think, ok, small setback, I'll fix that and then back to the project at hand. You start to fix that and realize, crap, you don't have what you need. Should you keep looking or just run to the hardware store and pick one up. And so it goes. At the end of the day, nothing on the list is done but you have been chasing it all day.
Some people feel good about what did get accomplished, even if off track. Some need the validation of adding it to the list, simply to cross it off. And some feel like they were spinning wheels all day with nothing really done.
I'd like to be one of those that remain satisfied with what was accomplished, even if off-track. Tomorrow is another day, I will eventually get to that blog, really, I will.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Notes from Linda

While cleaning out Greg's car yesterday after taking 3 dogs to the groomers, I had several "conversations" with Mom. She kept coming out to chat while I cleaned and then would say she was going in to talk to Dad.  I knew that eventually Dad would appear to find out what the heck I had actually said. And then, right on cue, he appeared. I was hard pressed not to laugh out loud.
I realized then that you have to find the plus side of Alzheimer's.

Plus:  you can play Whisper Down the Alley all by yourself
Plus:  you can play Hide and Seek all by yourself
Plus: (?) everywhere and everything is new each and every day
Minus: (?) you have already been everywhere and seen everything, nothing is ever new

In this new life, you either laugh or cry. Those are my options and I opt for both in turn. Greg added another option, compose some of his best music ever.