Monday, May 1, 2017

Spring has finally arrived, and I have been enjoying the greening of the trees and lawn, as well as the color of the spring flowers.  The Rhododendron buds are just about ready to open, and the lawn has been growing like crazy (we have been slowly turning parts of our land back to its natural environment, but that takes time and patience).  The rain has been plentiful, and the creek is running very full.  We will be glad of that this summer when we turn on our faucet and water comes out!  Sometimes it’s the little things that bring the biggest joy.  

House concerts are up and running here in our new studio.  I just had 2 concerts with Rachel Currea, who came up from Miami to perform.  She loved the peace and quiet, and enjoyed cooler weather then she is used to in south Florida.  I think everyone really enjoyed the concerts.  The next ones are:

Friday May 12th at 7 pm where I will be sharing the concert with jazz/new age pianist Louis Landon.  There are a few seats still available, if you are interested in attending, let me know for reservations and details.  

Saturday May 13th at 7 pm.  I will share the concert with a new pianist Lauren Jones, who just recorded her CD here in my studio.  It turned out very well, and she will be promoting it as well as performing with me.

Friday July 7th and 8th we will host flutist Sherry Finzer.  She and I will split the concert.  It is a great chance to hear flute and piano in the same concert.  She has a variety of flutes and plays wonderfully.  It should be a unique and interesting performance.  

Also, Michele McLaughlin will be here in September and Kevin Kern in December.  Both are excellent pianists.  

These concerts are held here in our studio outside of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA.  They are intimate, fun and you get to hear the music up close and personal.  Reservations are required.  There are no tickets, but there is a donation basket by the door.  They usually last about 2 hours.  

Sheet Music   I have finished the transcription of the Hymns CD, it is available from our website as a spiral bound music book.  There are a few other individual pdf file songs from the Seven Valleys CD that are done as well.  My plan is to complete the Seven Valleys CD this summer, and then move on to the Quiet Piano Improvisations CDs.  That should take some time and effort to transcribe both CDs!

The music world has been going through some growing pains.  Streaming on sites such as Pandora and Spotify have become most of the independent musicians income, CD sales are just about gone.  But, Pandora has added 2 new tiers to their broadcast, and the transition has not been the easiest for us to follow.  Royalties are very complicated, and now there are at least 5 different types coming from Pandora.  You may think that is a good thing until you try to figure it all out, then you want to throw up your hands and say, “Oh my, why is this so complicated”?!  This is probably way more info then you ever wanted, but it is interesting none the less.

OK, that is the update from me at this time.  Always something going on.....more music to compose, transcribe, does not seem to stop!  Now if the rain would just stop so I can go ride my bike.

Thanks for reading!

Greg Maroney