Saturday, March 16, 2019

Welcome, I appreciate that you are taking the time to read this as well as follow my progress and thoughts through this weird maze called music.  It is actually a pretty cool job, but it does have its ups and downs, a curse and a blessing so to speak.  But that can be the subject of another blog….
I have been promoting my latest CD release “Secrets of the Sea” and have come into several nice reviews of both the CD as well as my life as a composer.  I am particularly proud of this CD, it is a bit different then my last 24 CD’s (OK, you may say it’s about time you did something else).  But, it seems to be having success in the streaming world, at least with Spotify, (Pandora has trouble playing new material).

Here is a recent interview by

Mold Your Outlook to React With Love–Interview with Greg Maroney

The primary function of an artist is to try to take his/her audience to new possibilities and amazement, yet keeping them grounded to their basic nature, which revels in love, compassion, sharing, and being creative. This is not an easy task, or a difficult one–it is actually extremely daunting task and that’s why a common person almost reveres a good artist.
To put your whole self into the art, then transmute that art to help others is something truly noble and elevating. And music remains one of the most powerful instruments to achieve this task.

We talked to Greg Maroney, a pianist, who focuses on this aspect, and believes that soulful music could render the required peace and content to the audience, something they are looking more than ever.

Q1. How did you choose the Piano as your instrument?

My mother was probably the first one to think that the piano would be a good instrument for me to play. My grandmother was a concert pianist, and with her help and my mother’s persistence, I started classical lessons at the age of 5. As I grew to love the instrument, I branched out into jazz, more classical, and what was popular music at that time. The piano seemed like a good fit, so I would say that with help from the people who knew best, the piano chose me and I chose the piano.

Q2. You have had a prolific career in recording. What gives you maximum delight in terms of feedback and response from the audience?

I would say that the maximum delight is when someone is drawn into the music, moved by it, and lets the cares of the world drop away for a while. If I can touch someone right in the heart with a song, stir their emotions in a positive way, then I and the music have done our job. Of course, being appreciated is always nice!

Q3. In the age of digital sounds, how challenging is it being a solo pianist and being relevant?

I think the acoustic solo piano is extremely relevant and important. As the world becomes a more turbulent place to live, and news is mostly distressing and negative, heartfelt solo piano has a tremendous impact on people. Folks want something to take them away from the cares of the world and bring them back to what I think is the true nature of being human, where wonder, love, and compassion are paramount. There is a great need for the calming influence of piano music.

Q4. What do you feel are crucial traits or qualities any musician must develop who wants to turn pro?

I would say that practice, persistence, and patience are the 3 most important things for an up and coming artist to cultivate. First of all, a musician must master their instrument, and produce music that is excellent and that people want to listen to. I have heard that 10,000 hours is the requirement for mastery, and I think that may be accurate. Practice, practice and then practice some more. Learn chord structure, melodic line, theory, and study the musical literature that others have created. Then, be persistent in your studies, and keep improving your performance and compositional skills. Keep producing new music, stoke the fires. A lastly, be patient for success. It does not come overnight, but it will come to those who work hard, keep at it, and do not get too discouraged!

To talk a little more about the qualities of a musician, I think the main one is to have a connection to the music you are playing or studying. It has to come from the heart, it has to be believable or people will not listen to it or purchase it. You also have to be able to take criticism, both constructive and negative. Not everyone is going to resonate with your music, and you will get negative feedback. The trick is to keep being true to your vision, keep moving forward, and know that what you are doing has value.

Q5. Share with us about your current projects and any upcoming music?

2018 has been an amazingly prolific year for me. I released 4 solo piano CD’s, a collaborative CD with flutist Sherry Finzer, and a few singles. I also had a 5th solo piano CD ready for release for January 2019. This is a very creative period for me, music seems to be pouring out, which I am forever thankful for. But, as for upcoming projects, I plan on releasing a few classical pieces with an improvisational twist, a few more singles, and an ambient CD. I would also like to do more collaborative music with flutist Sherry Finzer. There is no limit!

The current project that we are working on is the solo piano CD “Secrets of the Sea”. This was recorded and mastered a bit differently than my usual CD’s. I wanted to have the piano sound like it was on a stage in a large concert hall, and wrote each song to be as inspiring and emotionally rich as possible. The music is composed for an overall feeling of tone color, mood, atmosphere, and fluidity rather than a strong melodic line. It is reminiscent of Debussy, with gorgeous tapestries of tone and color. Each song was an improvisation, living exactly in the moment of its creation. That is a wonderful but challenging way to play and record!

Q6. Looking back, do you feel you have achieved what you wanted when you decided to become a professional musician?

I think I have accomplished some things, but still have goals. First and foremost, the piano is an instrument that can take a lifetime to master. There is so much to learn, assimilate, and then create that I will never be the player that I envision in my mind’s eye. Of course, this keeps me moving forward, which is vital to the creative process. Another important goal that we actually accomplished is earning enough money through music that we can make ends meet. I work full time as a musician, it has taken years to accomplish that goal. And lastly, the goal of composing the most beautiful piano piece that I am capable of has not yet been achieved, it keeps me creating, composing, practicing, and working toward creating beauty.

Q7. A message for our readers.

My message to your readers would be to use the “Golden Rule” in all aspects of your life, treat others as you would like to be treated. Mold your outlook to react with love, compassion, and presence. It would be my wish that my music helps people do this. Also, music can open the heart, and let in some sunlight, allow this to happen and it will make your day that much better!

Here is a brief review of the CD from Keys and Chords, an online music magazine, by Patrick Van Wiele:

The 12 original compositions on this CD all revolve around the sea. Whether it is the deepest abysses, the coasts, the rivers or even the springs that feed them. The American pianist Greg Maroney conceived all this on his 25th album, on which he plays the Steinway Concert Grand piano. Greg has been studying classical and jazz piano since he was 5 years old. In addition, Indian and Middle Eastern music were also discussed. He finds himself a modern romantic on piano, where nature is his source of inspiration. His goal is to show others the beauty around us that is lost in daily life. In addition, he uses minimalist technology, in which the piano strings are muted. If you imagine it for a moment, you can hear water rippling, or see the sunlight shining on it, and at the end even see the lighthouse shine. So beautiful solo piano music, inspired by nature.

Patrick Van de Wiele (4)

Friday, February 15, 2019

2019, starting over

There has been a tremendous amount of music being created since my last newsletter.  It has been a very prolific time for me, I am almost creating more music then I know what to do with!  Well, not really, but in 2018 I made 4 solo piano CD's, one collaboration CD and several singles.  I also just released another solo piano CD in January 2019.  Let me talk about them a bit.

The 4 solo piano CDs of 2018 form the "Four Seasons Project".  There is a CD for each season, starting with Winter, then Spring, Summer and Fall.  I tried to compose songs that would fit with the feeling of each season.  It was a fun project, and several of the songs are doing well on Spotify.  I also did a collaboration CD with flutist Sherry Finzer.  I recorded the songs here in my studio, and sent the files to her.  Her recording engineer played the songs, and she was able to record her flute melody on top of the piano.  The songs turned out to be wonderful, I am very glad we did this CD.  My latest CD "Secrets of the Sea", was recorded and mastered a bit differently than my usual CD’s.  I sought to have the piano sound like it was on a stage in a large concert hall, and wrote each song to be as inspiring and emotionally rich as possible.  I strove for a interconnected overall mood, using atmosphere and fluidity rather than a strong melodic line.  The music is reminiscent of Debussy, with gorgeous tapestries of tone colors.  Each song was an improvisation, living exactly in the moment of its creation.  That is a wonderful but challenging way to play and record!

Concerts- I had the privilege of performing in Atlanta last weekend in the Whisperings All Star concert.  It was a gathering of over 50 pianists, and was nice to hang out with likeminded people, and share the idiosyncrasies of the business.

Our winter house concert hibernation is over, we hope most of the snow has come and gone. I am working on the performance schedule for 2019, and it looks to be a good lineup of musicians to come perform with me. The first house concert will be with Jim Chappell on April 6th at 7 pm and April 7th at 2 pm. If you have not been to a house concert, it is an opportunity to hear the music up close and personal. The concerts are held in our piano studio just below Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA. Reservations are required. If you would like more information or want to make reservations, let me know by emailing me at or respond to this letter.

That should be most of the news for now, thanks for reading this and supporting my music!

Take care,

Greg Maroney

Monday, May 1, 2017

Spring has finally arrived, and I have been enjoying the greening of the trees and lawn, as well as the color of the spring flowers.  The Rhododendron buds are just about ready to open, and the lawn has been growing like crazy (we have been slowly turning parts of our land back to its natural environment, but that takes time and patience).  The rain has been plentiful, and the creek is running very full.  We will be glad of that this summer when we turn on our faucet and water comes out!  Sometimes it’s the little things that bring the biggest joy.  

House concerts are up and running here in our new studio.  I just had 2 concerts with Rachel Currea, who came up from Miami to perform.  She loved the peace and quiet, and enjoyed cooler weather then she is used to in south Florida.  I think everyone really enjoyed the concerts.  The next ones are:

Friday May 12th at 7 pm where I will be sharing the concert with jazz/new age pianist Louis Landon.  There are a few seats still available, if you are interested in attending, let me know for reservations and details.  

Saturday May 13th at 7 pm.  I will share the concert with a new pianist Lauren Jones, who just recorded her CD here in my studio.  It turned out very well, and she will be promoting it as well as performing with me.

Friday July 7th and 8th we will host flutist Sherry Finzer.  She and I will split the concert.  It is a great chance to hear flute and piano in the same concert.  She has a variety of flutes and plays wonderfully.  It should be a unique and interesting performance.  

Also, Michele McLaughlin will be here in September and Kevin Kern in December.  Both are excellent pianists.  

These concerts are held here in our studio outside of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA.  They are intimate, fun and you get to hear the music up close and personal.  Reservations are required.  There are no tickets, but there is a donation basket by the door.  They usually last about 2 hours.  

Sheet Music   I have finished the transcription of the Hymns CD, it is available from our website as a spiral bound music book.  There are a few other individual pdf file songs from the Seven Valleys CD that are done as well.  My plan is to complete the Seven Valleys CD this summer, and then move on to the Quiet Piano Improvisations CDs.  That should take some time and effort to transcribe both CDs!

The music world has been going through some growing pains.  Streaming on sites such as Pandora and Spotify have become most of the independent musicians income, CD sales are just about gone.  But, Pandora has added 2 new tiers to their broadcast, and the transition has not been the easiest for us to follow.  Royalties are very complicated, and now there are at least 5 different types coming from Pandora.  You may think that is a good thing until you try to figure it all out, then you want to throw up your hands and say, “Oh my, why is this so complicated”?!  This is probably way more info then you ever wanted, but it is interesting none the less.

OK, that is the update from me at this time.  Always something going on.....more music to compose, transcribe, does not seem to stop!  Now if the rain would just stop so I can go ride my bike.

Thanks for reading!

Greg Maroney

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Hello my music friends!

Without you, it would be very difficult to sustain my musical output.  Whether listening to my music on Pandora, Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, etc. or purchasing my sheet music or CDs, you all make a difference.  So, thank you very much!
CD Release 
Now, for some news......Most recently, I have released the CD "Hymns ~ Healing Piano Solos". Friends have been asking for years for me to create this collection of music, submitting lists of their favorite hymns. I am in the right place and time now and found the inspiration in my beautiful Steinway D piano to record on. The CD has 14 tracks, pulled from those lists as well as some of my personal favorites.  So for all who have asked, here it is, and thank you for asking. I hope it brings you peace. 
In the Works
I have two other CD's in the works, and will be releasing them throughout the rest of the year.  The first release will be an "Ambient" CD.  Ambient music is a genre of music that puts an emphasis on tone and atmosphere over traditional musical structure or rhythm.  But, I think you will clearly hear my classical roots in these compositions.  The CD will be good for quiet times, going to sleep, yoga, or anything else where you want to get the "alpha waves" going.  I would not drive a car while listening to this CD!   After that I will release Quiet Piano Improvisations, volume 2.  Truth be told, I really like the songs on this CD, it has become my favorite CD to listen to while working on the computer.  

Sheet music is coming along nicely.  I am going back and transcribing the older CDs, and just finished Songs of the Water Rose.  I do not think I will have it bound into a physical book, rather I will have it available as a pdf file you may purchase on my website.  

Come this summer, I will be starting something new.  I will mentor anyone interested in working with me on any of my music or who wants to learn composition.  I will make myself available on a casual basis.  I have not determined the cost of this yet.  Any thoughts?

House Concerts
I have been working on arranging multiple house concerts.  The upcoming concert on June 26th with Dan Kennedy is full, but I will start a waiting list.  The Saturday July 9th concert with Wayne Gratz is also full, but we have some space on July 10th at 2 pm. These concerts are a great way to experience this style music in a personal setting, some people even lay under the 9 foot Steinway for a "sound bath” as one guest described it.  Let me know if you are interested in attending one.  We live near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, but people have traveled far to hear the music.  

It means a lot to have the support of my fans but it is also a gift to be part of a community of solo pianists. “Whisperings”, an internet broadcast featuring only solo piano, is a perfect station to have on at work, or home while relaxing.  I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to one of my friends in that group who has put out a delightful new album. Jeff Bjorck has composed a themed solo piano CD titled "Keepsakes in the Attic".  The front cover of the CD depicts the cherished heirloom pieces that you would find hidden in the attic, and each item has a story attached to it that Jeff eloquently describes in his composition and playing.  The music is very warm and personal, I think Jeff really reached inside to produce such sincere and heartfelt emotion.  The CD is available on Jeff’s website along with the stories that go with each object/song. Enjoy!

Well, thank you very much for listening to my story, and I appreciate all of your support over the years.  Here’s to lots of new music!

Greg Maroney

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Fall is in the air, and the colors of the trees have never been so spectacular.  I do not know what it is this year, but the colors seems to be more vibrant and varied.  Perhaps it is all the rain this year, (we just had 3 more inches, sorry west coast folks!), or perhaps the temperatures are just right.  Linda took some great photos on her drive to her Yoga class a few days ago, and they are some of the best fall pictures I have seen in quite a while.

The gardens are put to bed, the hoses are in the barn, and I have been doing a general fall cleanup of the property.  We have not seen the geese gathering yet, I think that happens a little later and foretells the colder weather.  The weather has still been mild lately.

Now on to music news.  Last weekend Linda and I went to New York so I could play in an awards concert at Carnegie Hall.  It was a great experience, album "Coming Home" won Best Overall Album of the Year for Enlightened Piano Radio.  This was quite an honor.  I also was able to meet many of my fellow pianists that are spotlighted on the EPR web broadcast.  New York was quite an experience for us as we are used to the peace and quiet of country living, and New York is the complete opposite of that.  Needless to say we were quite overwhelmed, but stimulated at the same time.  What constant input!  Thousands of people, tall building, cars, sirens, shops, and noise. Totally dizzying. We are glad to be home with the award. We followed that experience with a house concert the next day. From Carnegie Hall to the Maroney living room. An equally entertaining afternoon at a completely different pace!

There will be two house concerts next month here at my home in south central Pennsylvania.  They will feature fellow pianist David Hicken, a really wonderful artist.  The first concert will be on December 5th at 7 pm, the second concert is December 6th at 2 pm.  If you have never been to a house concert, you will really enjoy the experience.  You can sit up close and personal, only a few feet away from the piano, and listen to the stories about how the composition came about.  Plus, the food is usually excellent as well as the company (partly pot luck and byob).  Seating is limited, if you are interested, email me at for directions and reservations.

Sheet music is an ongoing project.  I have started transcribing the CD "Lake Song" and have about 5 songs done.  Anne Collins and I have also been collaborating and making simplified arrangements of many of my songs.  She is way ahead of me, I have to catch up by putting her arrangements for 20 songs onto paper.  She is quite the arranging machine!  We have compiled 10 of the most popular simplified songs into a single pdf file. Sheet music is available here.  Many thanks to Anne for her endless energy and enthusiasm!

That is most of the news for now, as always I appreciate your time and support, it means the world to me.

Take care

Greg Maroney

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Well, there is a lot going on with my music!   Despite the distraction of the beautiful weather outside, I have been busy taking my music in a new direction.   One that has been a long time coming.   Now that I think back, it really has been headed in this direction for quite some time, but now I have the proper tools and time to really start composing to my hearts inner voice.   I will explain....

I recently was able to purchase a newly rebuilt Steinway D piano from Pianoworks in Atlanta (a 9 concert grand).  It is the most beautiful piano I have ever played, very deep resonate bass, mellow tenor and a singing treble.  It is very inspiring to play, I almost feel like I need to learn how to play the piano all over again!  This piano, coupled with two Earthworks microphones, produces a wonderful recording. My compositions have also changed.  Rather then compose structured songs, I have been improvising longer, quieter, songs with an emphasis on beauty and serenity.  I already have about 15 songs recorded and mastered, and I am listening to them as I write this letter.  The piano just sings, yet lets you go "Ahhh" and relax.  My plan is to release a series of these songs over several CDs.  If anyone would like a sample of the new material, email me and I would be glad to send you a song.

Now, on to concerts.  I will be playing in an Enlightened Piano Radio awards concert at Carnegie Hall on October 24th at 1 pm.  My album "Coming Home" is up for best album of the year for this radio station, and I have been invited to perform in the concert.  I am looking forward to playing at Carnegie Hall!  What a treat.  The day after, Sunday October 25th, Michael Dulin and I will host a house concert here at my home outside of Dover, Pennsylvania.  Reservations are required and I will give directions on confirmation of your reservation.  Seating is limited, as this is just our home.  You will be able to hear the new Steinway.  

I am working on the sheet music for the CD "Lake Song" and have 2 pieces done, working on the third.  My goal is to transcribe all the songs and make a spiral bound book to match the rest of the song books.  The individual songs are available right after I finish them, but the song book itself probably will not be available until spring.

That about wraps it up for now, and as always, thanks so much for your support of my music!
Greg Maroney

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Lake Song

Hello my friends,

I am very happy to say that we have completed the work on the new CD "Lake Song" and it is available from my website, iTunes, CDBaby and soon Amazon. It has been a year in the making, from composing the songs, polishing them for recording, recording, mastering, graphic design and production. A lot goes into getting the music into a format that people can enjoy! I think it is some of my best work, and I am happy with how it turned out. It is available here:

Summer is in full swing, and I have been busy with the vegetable garden, helping my wife Linda with her flower gardens, and taking on projects that have been lurking in the background for some time. Over the last few months I have been slowly redoing our dog yard fence (containing about 1/2 an acre), sinking new 4x4 posts, getting them straight and strong in the dirt, and restringing the fencing. Thanks goodness for gloves. We also had several trees die over last winter, so there is some tractor and chainsaw work to be done. I am not sure what it was about the last winter’s weather, but it was really hard on a lot of our trees. Fortunately, the tractor makes short work of removing the stumps, though it still takes time to dig up stumps and return dirt to the hole. This has been a great year for berries, we have harvested tons of strawberries and the raspberries are just about ready for picking. It is so delicious eating them right from the vine.

In other music news, a quest I have been on for many years has finally been completed. I have found and purchased a new piano, my perfect piano, that will inspire more music. I will not say what it is until it is cozy in my living room, but it should be a very inspirational instrument. I will have to learn new microphone techniques for recording it, but it will be a lot of fun discovering its speaking voice and how to bring out the inner beauty of the instrument. Stay tuned.......

As for upcoming concerts, I am one of the nominees for the 2015 Enlightened Piano Radio, and will perform at Carnegie Hall in New York on Saturday, October 24th. Tickets will go on sale in July, so stay tuned. This will be a fantastic concert, and lots of fun for me as a performer. My CD Coming Home is up for Best Album of the Year. Wish me luck! Michael Dulin and I will perform a house concert the next day, Sunday October 25th at 2 pm at our home in York, Pennsylvania. If you are interested in attending, email me for reservations and directions.

Now is the time I ask for your help. Audience participation, if you will. I know that I have many supporters. I have heard wonderful things said about my music and the many ways it has effected lives and for that I am grateful. What I ask now is that you take a moment to make these public. Please go to Amazon, iTunes, CDBaby, or wherever you hear/play/ purchase my music and leave a review. If you have more than one CD, feel free to review them all! Some of these reviews may be used on my website as my wife updates it.

That is most of the news for now, thank you for your support of my music!

Greg Maroney